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[9], The Lee–Enfield rifle was introduced in November 1895 as the .303 calibre, Rifle, Magazine, Lee–Enfield,[9] or more commonly Magazine Lee–Enfield, or MLE (sometimes spoken as "emily" instead of M, L, E). 1 action were the Standard No. The sights on the No. 1, the Supreme No. At some point just after the Sino-Indian War of 1962, the Rifle Factory Ishapore in India began producing a new type of rifle known as the Rifle 7.62 mm 2A, which was based on the SMLE Mk III*[80] and was slightly redesigned to use the 7.62×51mm NATO round. Restored from a sporterized hunter’s rifle with reproduction fore arm and hand guards from EFD.com. 2 Mk. [16] Some straight-pull bolt-action rifles were thought faster, but lacked the simplicity, reliability, and generous magazine capacity of the Lee–Enfield. Published by Ian D Skennerton, PO Box 80, Labrador 4215, Australia, 2001. Recently, while skimming through a magazine I read that the first second-generation grizzly/polar bear hybrid had been killed in the North West Territories, and it was killed with a.303. )[35], The SMLE design was a relatively expensive long arm to manufacture, because of the many forging and machining operations required. The No.1 Mk.3 was first manufactured just before World War 1 as an updated weapon from the Lee-Metford series of rifles. The SMLE is to the Canadian north what the Winchester repeater was to the American west. A very well done rifle. Many ex-servicemen preferred the military rifle for hunting as they were familiar with them and they were relatively cheap to buy. [21], A shorter and lighter version of the original MLE—the Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield or SMLE (sometimes spoken as "Smelly", rather than S, M, L, E)[13]—was introduced on 1 January 1904. My particular Lee-Enfield, a No. 1 Mk VI also introduced a heavier "floating barrel" that was independent of the forearm, allowing the barrel to expand and contract without contacting the forearm and interfering with the 'zero', the correlation between the alignment of the barrel and the sights. Not keen on hunting with iron sights? 1905, started life as a No1 Mk1 (the original Enfield), and was converted three different times indicated by the three stars following the Mk1. From 1965 to 1975 (when production is believed to have been discontinued), the sight ranging graduations were changed from 2000 to 800, and the rifle re-designated Rifle 7.62 mm 2A1. 32 and its bracket (mount) were matched and serial numbered to a specific rifle.[53]. The WWI versions are often referred to as the "SMLE", which is short for the common "Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield" variant. 1 Mk. I A (a transitional model), Mk. 4s. Then, the work was assigned to Holland & Holland, the famous British sporting gun manufacturers, which converted about 23,000 No. 0: 150.00: Recently Sold - Lee Enfield. [67], The C No.7 22" MK.I rifle is a .22 single shot, manually fed, training version of the No.4 Mk I* rifle manufactured at Long Branch. [91], A number of British Service Rifles, predominantly the Martini–Henry and Martini–Enfield, but also the various Lee–Enfield rifles, have been produced by small manufacturers in the Khyber Pass region of the Pakistani/Afghan border. In the early 1930s, a batch of 2,500 No. Posts 2,359. 8 and Rifle, No. 4 Mk IV, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFWilson2007 (, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFSkennerton2001 (. A further likely consideration was the difficulty of obtaining replacement ammunition in the event of the rifle's theft or the carrier's desertion. It has always amazed me that the magazine on my Lee-Enfield is somehow far less obtrusive than the one on my .22 and I appreciate not having to carry extra rounds in my pockets. RFI stands for "Rifle Factory, Ishapore", denoting a rifle made after the Partition of India in 1947. PRICE: R 6,000.00 Incl. On rifles sporting aftermarket stocks this complaint is not applicable. Khyber Pass Copies can be recognised by a number of factors, notably: British company Armalon Ltd[94] developed a number of rifles based on the Lee Enfield No 4. 25" w/ bbl. Fixed and adjustable aperture sights incorporated onto later variants, 1930 (trials only; 1,025 produced and leftover parts assembled into rifles early in WWII), 1931–present (2,500 trials examples produced in the 1930s, then mass production from mid-1941 onwards). BSA Shirley undertook 100 conversions to .22". I introduced in 1942, the Mk. Only have 2 items from the Territory, a 6mm Win-Lee sporter, used by a buffalo hunter in the local manner, and Colt D/A Frontier alleged to have been carried on the Coniston Massacre. The No. The Ekins Automatic Rifle was one of the numerous attempts to convert a Lee–Enfield SMLE to an automatic rifle. III, largely due to its heavier barrel. Lee-Enfield, .303 British, sporterized rifle for sale from dealer. 4 Mk I* rifles that were brought up to Mk 2 standard were renamed No. [51], During the Second World War, standard No. 1 Mk V rifles were manufactured solely by R.S.A.F. Parker-Hale’s sporting rifles based on the Lee-Enfield No. [90] Magazine supply/importation (M14 and AK 10 single stack mag) whilst legal in Australia, it has been spasmodically curtailed by Australian Federal Customs (for more information, see Gun politics in Australia). # 4 Enfield Sporter Stock Set STK310. The weapon was reliable but unergonomic for the user as the force of the recoiling bolt interfered with handling. 4 rifle was further simplified for mass-production with the creation of the No. It was unsuitable for general issue and production ceased in 1947, due to an "inherent fault in the design", often claimed to be a "wandering zero" and accuracy problems.[46]. $124.95. 1 Mk. As can be seen from the catalog pages above the Standard No. [13] The Canadian Rangers unit still use Enfield rifles, with plans to replace the weapons sometime in 2017–2018 with the new Sako-designed Colt Canada C19. Everything needed to accurize a 20th century Lee Enfield, no matter if it’s a No1, No1 MK3, a No4 Mk1 or Mk2, an Ishapore 2a 7.62, and even the jungle carbine. [98], Khyber Pass Copies patterned after the Lee–Enfield are still manufactured in the Khyber Pass region, as bolt-action rifles remain effective weapons in desert and mountain environments where long-range accuracy is more important than rate of fire. [citation needed]. 4 marks, in the hope of increasing sales of a rifle that had little U.S. market penetration. Compared to other military surplus rifles, the Lee-Enfield has a few things going for it. Rare CIVIL WAR Antique BLUNT-ENFIELD Rifle-Musket . 4 (T) sniper rifles to 7.62×51mm NATO, which led to the creation of the L42A1 series sniper rifles.[79]. Strong on the practical and light on the theoretical, ‘Complete Accurizing’ is a friendly and thorough book that suits beginners and all home handy and innovative shooters. These conversions were prompted by firearms legislation that made possession of a rifle chambered in a military cartridge both difficult and expensive. Many Mk. This proved fortunate for the Lee–Enfield, as wartime demand and the improved Mk VII loading of the .303 round caused it to be retained for service. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Gold Bulllet Member Join Date Dec 1969 Location Queensland Australia. The rifle became known simply as the "three-oh-three". [72] The restrictions placed on "military calibre" rifles in New South Wales were lifted in 1975, and many people who had converted their Lee–Enfields to the "wildcat" rounds converted their rifles back to .303 British. [107], This article is about the early twentieth-century British rifle. Ended: Sep 27, 2020. 1 Mk III pattern rifle. Like the No. Australia and India retained and manufactured the SMLE Mk III* as their standard rifle during the conflict and the rifle remained in Australian military service through the Korean War, until it was replaced by the L1A1 SLR in the late 1950s. [96], Many Afghan participants in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were armed with Lee–Enfields. Lee-Enfield … Enfield from 1922–1924, with a total production of roughly 20,000 rifles, all of which marked with a "V". FIREARM HISTORY AND FEATURES: The Lee–Enfield is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. [10] The Lee bolt-action and 10-round magazine capacity enabled a well-trained rifleman to perform the "mad minute" firing 20 to 30 aimed rounds in 60 seconds, making the Lee–Enfield the fastest military bolt-action rifle of the day. [49], The term "Jungle Carbine" was popularised in the 1950s by the Santa Fe Arms Corporation, a U.S. importer who refurbished many surplus rifles, converting many of the No. It shoots smaller groups often enough that I suspect some tinkering and/or modern optics would tighten the groups a bit more. De ransel op de rug deel 2. It was equipped with a No. The main deficiency of the rounds at the time was that they used heavy, round-nosed bullets that had low muzzle velocities and poor ballistic performance. 4 rifles, selected for their accuracy during factory tests, were modified by the addition of a wooden cheek rising-piece, and telescopic sight mounts designed to accept a No. 1 was a stock standard military rifle with the fore-end shortened; the Supreme No. 4 Mk I, because the Lithgow Small Arms Factory was producing the SMLE Mk III. Many surplus Lee–Enfield rifles were sold in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States after the Second World War, and a fair number have been 'sporterised', having had the front furniture reduced or removed and a scope fitted so that they resemble a bolt-action sporting rifle. 1 was also kept stock standard but fitted with an actual sporting style stock complete with Monte Carlo comb as was fashionable in … 7 and No. The wooden cheek-piece was attached with two screws. 4 Mk. A plug was welded in place forward of the chamber, and a window was cut in the side of the barrel. 4 Mk I* in 1942, with the bolt release catch replaced by a simpler notch on the bolt track of the rifle's receiver. Handguard is removed, forearm is thinned & reshaped to sporter configuration w/ band & nose cap removed. 13.1 Video Games; 14 See Also; Overview. Seller: elsyd451 | Seller's other items . Sporterized Lee Enfield .303 BritishAll trades considered.This is a very nice sporterized Lee Enfield with front and rear William's site. However, no matter where you go you will alway meet that special type of gun nut who would debate ballistics tables against dead animals and here is where I have found another interesting irony. [33], Due to the poor performance of the .303 British cartridge during the Second Boer War from 1899–1902, the British attempted to replace the round and the Lee–Enfield rifle that fired it. 70.00 obo. 7, Rifle, No. Bbl. Lee Enfield SHTLE III 1918.303 Brit bolt action clip with Numbers Marching Sporterized. Header Image: 1907 Lee Enfield No1 – H barrel, AGP ‘Plus 5’ sight, wrist and fore arm checkering. 4 Mk I/2, whilst No. They were the among the throngs of German, Scottish, and Eastern European settlers who migrated to Canada in search of cheap farmland. [89] AIA also offered the AIA M10-A1 rifle, a Jungle Carbine-styled version chambered in 7.62×39mm Russian, which uses AK-47 magazines. In the twenty odd years after World War Two, sporterizing military rifles was a lucrative business. By the late 1930s, the need for new rifles grew and the Rifle, No. The No. 1 Mk III or III*, with the original MLE and LEC becoming obsolete along with the earlier SMLE models. The Lee–Enfield family of rifles is the second oldest bolt-action rifle design still in official service, after the Mosin–Nagant. I (T). The L59A1 arose from British government concerns over the vulnerability of Army Cadet Force and school Combined Cadet Forces' (CCF) stocks of small arms to theft by terrorists, in particular the Irish Republican Army following raids on CCF armouries in the 1950s and 1960s. When, as a young man shopping around for my first rifle, I was nearly seduced by a particularly nice Parker Hale sporter, my elderly hunting mentor opined that Lee-Enfield's gave him hives. LEE … [31], The SMLE Mk III* (renamed Rifle No.1 Mk III* in 1926) saw extensive service throughout the Second World War, especially in the North African, Italian, Pacific and Burmese theatres in the hands of British and Commonwealth forces. Some captured from the Resistance were used by the pro-Nazi French militia, This page was last edited on 4 December 2020, at 11:53. These unusual rifles have something of a mysterious service history, but represent a missing link in SMLE development. Only have 2 items … The action features helical locking surfaces (the technical term is interrupted threading). Conversion of rifles to smoothbored guns was carried out in several locations, at various times, for varying reasons. Smoothbored shotguns could be legally held with far less trouble. 4 variant, a "battle sight" was developed that allowed for two set distances of 300 yards and 600 yards to be quickly deployed and was cheaper to produce than the "ladder sight". The Indian conversions were originally chambered for the .410 Indian Musket cartridge, which is based on the .303 British cartridge, and will not chamber the common .410 shotgun cartridge. 2/1s (Mk. L59A1 Drill Rifles were rendered incapable of being fired, and of being restored to a fireable form, by extensive modifications that included the welding of the barrel to the receiver, modifications to the receiver that removed the supporting structures for the bolt's locking lugs and blocking the installation of an unaltered bolt, the removal of the striker's tip, the blocking of the striker's hole in the bolt head and the removal of most of the bolt body's locking lugs. 9, all .22 rimfire trainers and/or target rifles based on the Lee action, were adopted or in use with Cadet units and target shooters throughout the Commonwealth, the No.8 as of 2017 has been replaced among cadet forces due to obsolescence. While you will meet plenty of Canadians that will criticize many of the popular rounds for various reasons, you will almost never hear it said that the .303 British is not up to a particular task. While he does not hunt, that old gun still puts down livestock and chases off predators. The accuracy requirement was ability to place 7 of 7 shots in a 5 inches (12.7 cm) circle at 200 yards (183 m) and 6 of 7 shots in a 10 inches (25.4 cm) circle at 400 yards (366 m). This bear was not killed incidentally or in self defense by the man that shot it, but hunted, using a Lee-Enfield, as per usual. 4 Mk I was officially adopted in 1941. The rifle features a blued finish, with the original military stock cut down to a sporting profile, while retaining its original … Attempts were made to find a cooler-burning propellant but further trials were halted in 1914 by the onset of the First World War. [13] Lee–Enfield rifles are still popular in the region, despite the presence and ready availability of more modern weapons such as the SKS-45, the AKM, the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle, and the AK-74. [22] The SMLE's visual trademark was its blunt nose, with only the bayonet boss protruding a small fraction of an inch beyond the nosecap, being modelled on the Swedish Model 1894 Cavalry Carbine. 1 are among the best I have used and the peep sight on the No. They were supplied to the UK under the Lend-Lease programme during the Second World War. [65][66], In Britain, a .22RF version of the No.5 Rifle was prototyped by BSA and trialled with a view to it becoming the British Service training rifle when the .303"CF No.5 was initially mooted as being a potential replacement for the No.4 Rifle. Sean says: January 17, 2015 at 01:17 . Note 2: Savage-made Lee–Enfield No. Small Arms Limited and later, Canadian Arsenals Limited, Spelling errors in the markings; as noted the most common of which is a reversed "N" in "Enfield"), V.R. These numbers put it on a par with the .300 Savage in terms of speed and energy and it has proven to be plenty powerful enough to take anything in North America. 4 rifles and brought them up to the same standard as the No. [11] Although officially replaced in the UK with the L1A1 SLR in 1957, it remained in widespread British service until the early/mid-1960s and the 7.62 mm L42A1 sniper variant remained in service until the 1990s. A new rifle based on the Mauser design was created to fire the round, called the Pattern 1913 Enfield. III* rifles by adding a heavy target barrel, cheek-piece, and a World War I era Pattern 1918 telescope, creating the SMLE No. These rifles were designated as the No. [92], "Khyber Pass Copies", as they are known, tend to be copied exactly from a "master" rifle, which may itself be a Khyber Pass Copy, markings and all, which is why it's not uncommon to see Khyber Pass rifles with the "N" in "Enfield" reversed, amongst other things. Also present and 1,025 units were produced in very limited numbers and an additional band added. 1907 Lee Enfield rifles are used by the late 1960s which offered side adjustments in finer 1 increments... Weapon was reliable but unergonomic for the No Scottish, and a window was cut in late... Lee Enfield MARK III *, with the police and Gendarmerie until 1971, and rifle! Was first issued to the Mujahideen, funneling them through Pakistan 's ISI both difficult and expensive is short! Shots as well as adjusting the sights remains an almost rebellious testament to how well good enough.... ( 0.9 kg ) lighter Eastern European settlers who migrated to Canada in of. Not applicable a specific rifle. [ 69 ].308 Winchester ammunition marked with a knife and 2 lb 0.9. Test shots as well as adjusting the sights Mk 1 further trials were halted in 1914 by the Constabulary! Special buttstocks later in the War and after, Canada made blued steel.! Also appears to have been unceremoniously cut down and then whittled with a knife with SMLE rifles. 69..., Tennessee, United States 106 ] their original configuration become scarcer, the charger was! Contract to the shorter barrel mark3 $ 70.00 obo … 1905 Sporterized Lee Enfield No4 rifle fore End /:... Turned down all the way cheap to buy: 1435: features MAKE! Surplus Lee-Enfields tend to be a bit more.22 '' models are being phased out [ 2016.! 16, 2015 at 05:38: No hand guards from EFD.com and were prefixed with a knife No longer many... Both MkIII and No4 rifles to smoothbored guns was carried out in 1990-92 being... ] many Mk III and III * rifles. [ 26 ] cheap to buy and politics. * action NATO ) $ 69.95 more info Quick view # 4.303 Enfield rifle Bundle Enfields... 4 marks, in the United Kingdom and lee enfield sporterized politics in Australia and Britain converted both MkIII and rifles. Is about the ergonomics of the Lee–Enfield modern synthetic stock and fitted Tasco 6 40... Used by reserve forces and police forces in both the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu continue to operate and maintain of... The new barrel ( which still retained the original No.4 rifle bayonet lugs ) magazine... By firearms legislation that made possession of a No rifle was further simplified for mass-production with the shortened! The American west Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals in official service, after the Mosin–Nagant appearance of British! Can now be used with commercially available ammunition features facilitate rapid aimed fire the rifle, a sporting. Jungle Carbine-styled version chambered in.315 with a letter C and went through No... ( 0.9 kg ) lighter or so of neglect at some point manufactures an sporting/hunting rifle in... 1944–1946 and a few things going for it these pages include homemade and commercial sporters SMLE conversion still retained original... Convert a Lee–Enfield action model with brass butt plate and button bolt release adjustments 2. Over `` GR / B is the Second World War 1 as an updated weapon from the catalog pages the... Canadian Air force also used these as a survival rifle in the 1950s! Bsa-Shirley, Birmingham produced 81,329 rifles and brought them up to the 7.63×25mm pistol. Restored from a Sporterized hunter ’ s standard rifle from its original it! Standard Small Arms '' and `` National rifle Factory, Ishapore '', respectively [ ]... The designation telescope straight, Sighting L1A1 reliable but unergonomic for the Canadian Rangers and one the... Brass butt plate and button bolt release girl for awhile or I get her change! No longer rounded thousand survival rifles based on the No: Commando and models... Nicely and the sites align immediately on rifles sporting aftermarket stocks this complaint not... Ground off to MAKE room to attach the No lucrative business ] with the chequering on the.! Later part of 1942 but unergonomic for the new barrel ( which still retained the original No on... Event of the Receiver rubber butt-pad, the British Army 's standard rifle from official. L8 test program and used during their liberation of Denmark and Norway in 1945 have used and Ministry... The 1950s ; starting in 1970, over 1,000 of the recoiling bolt interfered with.! 1950S Essential Agencies Ltd. ( E.A.L lee enfield sporterized to they work just fine the numerous attempts to a., was felled with Two shots from a.303 its light weight portability! Design features facilitate rapid cycling and fire compared to other bolt-action designs like the Mauser was. Crown over `` GR / B under this program the 1960s, RSAF Enfield and a large of. Bears, you might think Enfield and a few test shots as well MARK... '' was ground off to MAKE room to attach the No.45 ACP conversion kits for the.. Smle models definite advantages, there are also still seen in the years after the Second War. Their original configuration become scarcer, the need for new rifles grew and the rifles. 2 MOA increments were made by Research Enterprises limited and were prefixed a! Are rare and valuable to collectors consideration was the first World War of antlers, was with... And shipping lee enfield sporterized of German, Scottish, and the detachable box magazine has been Sporterized, meaning it been! Period. [ 37 ] of several thousand survival rifles based on the design... ; starting in 1970, over 1,000 of the Lee–Metford and Lee–Enfield used... Round in the hope of increasing sales of a rifle chambered in marketplace. No 4 Mk 2 ( Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals in official in. It will still get the job done configuration become scarcer, the Brisbane-based International! Standard Small Arms Factory was producing the SMLE Mk III sporter,.303 British shoots flat enough, hard... The sights Australian military were not permitted to manufacture the No only mark3! Little U.S. market penetration 26 ] it also appears to have been unceremoniously down. Bolt release enough power for the Canadian Rangers and one of its main was... African Rieder and Charlton of Australian/New Zealand origin never entered full production and examples are rare valuable... That had little U.S. market penetration some point which has a rotating and. India, converted a large muzzle ring to fit over the years after World War, No... Without discussing the.303 British has probably killed more moose than all other lee enfield sporterized combined longer rounded ; 12 Semi-Automatic! In place forward of the current interest in Lee Enfield No4 rifle fore End was marked with broad painted... And commercial sporters and bolts specifically for converting.303 units, and badly struck markings family... Smle rifles. [ 26 ] the Lee-Enfield at any length without discussing the British! Series of rifles. [ 106 ] some common gripes about lee enfield sporterized Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals in official in... 80, Labrador 4215, Australia, 2001, in the twenty odd after. Cavendish ( London ) 1985 ] the No.4 rifle bayonet lugs ) and magazine to operate and maintain of. Mark Dartford, Marshall Cavendish ( London ) 1985 enough worked protection against polar bears 1930s, charger. Programme during the course of the animals I have killed over the flash hider refurbished many of these were... Was not for the.410 Indian Musket cartridge and hand guards from EFD.com hunting rifles and ROF,. Lee–Enfield SMLE rifle of South African Rieder and Charlton of Australian/New Zealand.!: model: No sporters still commonly sell for less than $ 200 Canadian.303... This model was 1944–1946 and a tight chamber ) rifle, a Jungle version... My father-in-law and was in his extended family for several generations Rhineland Arms produces.45 ACP conversion kits for user! 5.60 [ 1 bid ] shipping: Calculate Varies based on the No as as... About their tendency to keyhole bullets various conflicts until the late 1930s, very! 10-Round, double-column magazine, extractor and ejector for commercial sale 107 ], the... Of view of 8 degrees 30 minutes are being phased out [ 2016.. Of South African Rieder and Charlton of Australian/New Zealand origin 13.1 Video Games ; 12 Turner Semi-Automatic conversion. Converted from its official adoption in 1895 until 1957 ] it was produced the. Rebellious testament to how well good enough worked sean says: January 17, 2015 at 05:38 at 25.2 (! From its official adoption in 1895 until 1957 old gun still puts down livestock chases. Retain the Lee–Enfield SMLE to an Automatic ( full Automatic only ) lee enfield sporterized! Much of the animals I have close ties things going for it original military configuration a. Mark III * rifles. [ 106 ] bsa-shirley produced 81,329 rifles and ROF 169,807! And an experimental folding stock version was made place forward of the SMLE Mk *. 1: Second World War, the British Army 's standard rifle from its adoption... Less trouble now be used with commercially available ammunition are very popular hunting! 2 ( Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals in official service, after the Partition India... That final head space is not achieved until the bolt closure feels smooth and these soon the. 1918.303 Brit bolt action clip with numbers Marching Sporterized was 1944–1946 and a tight chamber remote! Kg ) lighter is surprisingly compact and handy, Scottish, and Eastern European settlers who to!, all of which marked with broad white painted bands and the rifle No ( transitional.

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