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I would say two months total from the time you make it. Then added whipping cream. This looks fantastic! It is hard to find. This recipe is amazing! Hi there, that sounds awesome! I made a wedding cake with this for an irish wedding. My recipe also has almond extract, eggs & you don’t need expensive whiskey. What you'll need: Nutella (1 tbsp) Spiced rum eg Captain Morgan (2/3 cup) Heavy cream (1 cup) Powdered sugar (1/2 cup) Gingerbread spice (1 & 1/2 tsp) How to make it: Blend the Nutella and the rum until Nutella fully … But oh so yummy…. Heavy cream makes a richer drink; half-and-half, a little thinner. Pour the whiskey into a blender and start adding ingredients, one by one, blending after each … Check out my Homemade Flavored Salt, Homemade Vegetable Stock Powder, and Italian Hot Chocolate Mix. I did some Googling and found a ton of recipes that already existed… I narrowed them down to the ones that began with a base of Irish whiskey (versus vodka, which some recipes called for) and went from there. Óglaigh na hÉireann! Next year, I’m making a ton of this for gifts. STEP TWO. . I suppose for MLK Day you’ll feature “lynching” cupcakes? I saw a heavy cream that I will try instead the next time. Makeover Irish Cream Cheesecake. Here now is an improved version of the Bailey's clone recipe that appears in More Top Secret Recipes. Seems like too much sweetened condensed milk. Does anyone have a recipe for the strawberry flavoured Irish cream. Hi Sue, It definitely should not have curdled after 2 weeks. OOPS SORRY……………………..1 Tin Condensed Milk Whisky is an acid so that would have caused cream to curdle immediately. This last time, I used about half the sweetened condensed milk and subbed in the same amount of evaporated milk. i cant find chocolate syrup!! I mixed the whiskey with everything except the whipping cream first. So glad to have a translator to help weed out the crazy. . I used bourbon in both cases, Maker’s Mark once and cheap the 2nd time but it was equally delicious both times. It is so perfect for St. Patty’s day!!! Or guzzle it! The first batch I made, I made with heavy cream and I must of blended a few seconds to much because it got a little to thick, I strained it and it was ok ( I did get some fabulous Irish cream cream out of it)! from the fridge…. I always love hearing how it turns out for you! However, I have to support Amy (or whoever it was) at taking offense at car bomb being used in the name of a recipe. It. FYI, the recent 2 recipes that I printed (including this yummy looking Irish Cream) have printed with weird fonts and letters in all of your pink headings. :) The cream is delicious but be forewarned if you don’t want Baileys whipped cream. The is recipe was a good place to start. Hi, I am really excited to try this out! So nice to keep on hand for coffee and small bottles as gifts. Using Liquid camp coffee gives a really great flavour and a touch (large) of white wine is also good. Alan, I have a bottle of Black Velvet on hand, how did your version using it turn out??? 600ml Thickened Cream What’s wrong with you? Learn how to make a copycat version of Baileys with this quick and simple recipe. It can often be found for $1.00. Made the best Irish coffee ever created♥️(topped with large dollaps of whipped cream and shards of dark chocolate to finish☺️) Thank you so much for sharing! Followed the same recipe, but I used a 1:1 ratio of whiskey and half and half. Good! Will also be making an English toffee (with flavored coffee), a butterscotch (with butterscotch liqueur) and a creamsicle (with a little extra vanilla and some Grand Marnier). Hi Teresa, You can drink this immediately. It worked better for me. The flavor I made was chocolate raspberry (added 1/4 C Torani Raspberry Syrup and an additional tablespoon of chocolate syrup). But. You can get a box that contains 7 (I think) individual servings of instant coffee. So glad you liked this recipe, Marc! I meant tablespoons. Hi Everyone, Very close to Bailys. After the first batch I made some tweaks to suit my personal tastes: 1) I used only about 12 oz of the sweetened condensed milk (instead of the full 14) and 2) I used 2/3 C of heavy cream and 1/3 C of half-and-half (instead of 1 C heavy cream). I used instant expresso powder and some regular whiskey and fudge topping with the end results much finer than the my purchased bottle. How to make Baileys at home This homemade Baileys Irish cream recipe comes together in under one minute in the blender. Have a simple Bailey’s pudding layered with whipped cream and crushed Oreo’s or bring out the big guns with a Baileys molten lava cake. Have you ever wanted to make homemade Irish cream? Hi Pau, I’m not sure what all purpose cream refers to, but I think it should be fine. :/. OK replying to old thread but thought I’d share my experience with others . You can treat yourself any time you’re in the mood for an indulgent coffee treat. Thank you! . Hi Robin, The recipe states how long the Irish cream will last – 2 months. Perhaps you could help? You can use it in recipes or give it as a gift for holidays or special occasions. Any tips? Can’t you fix the recipe? Has any used this recipe to make mint chocolate irish cream liqueur? Thanks!!! :-) It’s cheaper than buying a bottle from the store, and it tastes amazing! I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Glad you liked it, Christina! It will be a bit stronger, so it’s a matter of personal preference. I used 1/2 & 1/2 instead of cream. Your recipe looks and sounds so good :). It was still good just had to strain it. Here you will find easy and delicious recipes made from scratch. I want to INHALE this. Just whipped some up with the Johnnie Walker Black that I had on hand and WOW! Hi Amy, was just reading the comments for this recipe and I was wondering if you were Ireland or are you Irish-American? My fridge isn’t too cold either, it’s the strangest thing but it freezes in the sealed bottle I put it in. Like perfect spot on delicious! Holy Smokes… I think I’ll have a drink (of bailey’s) on that note! Coffee Pour the Irish Cream into a cup of steaming Coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I buy the tiny jar of Maxwell house instant coffee. Hi Barb, I have not tried that so I couldn’t say for sure, but it should, although it’s a little thinner than half and half or heavy cream. Place the cream, sweetened condensed milk, instant coffee granules, chocolate syrup, vanilla, and mix on low speed for 30 seconds. Is the instant coffee prepared or just the powdered granules? I’ve made others similar to it, but what I like about yours is the teaspoon of instant coffee. Why should you have to read through all the posts to find out your ingredient list is wrong? Yesterday I follwed the directions and ingredients list as they are (used the whipping cream instead of half and half) and the whole batch curdled on me in the blender. Amy, an Irish Car Bomb is an alcoholic drink made with Guinness Stout with Jamison’s whiskey floated on top, then you drop a shot of Bailey’s in and drink it very quickly before the Irish cream explodes into a curdled mess. Nutrition Facts: 1 serving = 1 glass / 37 ml. But can it really be kept in the fridge for 2 months? no one answered the question , how long will it last before it spoils? The praise is coming in steadily. (A day/week before the party?). Transfer mixture to an airtight container or glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid and store in the … Essential tools, baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and more! I am not sure why, were any of the ingredients particularly warm? The first couple of times I made it as suggested and found it a tad sweet for me. Love this…thanks for the recipe…. She’s complaining about “Irish Carbomb Cupcakes”. I just wasted time and ingredients and I’m apparently not the only one. I ate many before but this is something new. How long does it keep in the refrigerator once it has been opened? Our Homemade Baileys Irish Cream recipe is a deliciously creamy alcoholic drink that takes just 5 minutes and 6 ingredients to make! Blend on low not high so it does not curdle. Your version sounds incredible! Add condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla extract, and whiskey, (add 1/2 btl and taste. Serve over ice. You are the QUEEN of Irish themed recipes! Add the Baileys Irish cream to the egg and cream mixture. Thanks for the recipe! 375 ml whisky Required fields are marked *. So glad you liked it, Rebecca! Recipe rocks. The … Thank you so much for sharing. That sounds delicious, Arvind! If you are cooking Christmas dinner you will need to sip this during the day. I made this at Christmas and found it to be absolutely DELICIOUS…I’m only sorry it DOESN’T freeze or I would have to make it ALL the time and then I would have to join AA because I wouldn’t be able to stop!!! Kindly The Decoste Familly. . If you blended everything together, I don’t know why any curdling would have happened. Thank you so much for letting me know about the printing issues, I will definitely look into that. This Baileys recipe is Devine, just like the shop version….love it, so easy to do. hi michelle,the cream was definately fresh,when im better i will make some more,see how it goes. Then you’ll have a good excuse to make a TON of homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream… ;). Beat the mascarpone, cream cheese, sugar and Baileys with an electric or balloon whisk until smooth. And Jameson is my whiskey of choice, so this just screams “make me on Sunday!! I used the caramel instead of the sweetened condensed milk comes in the same kind of a can and it turned out delicious. When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, I made just about everything from scratch at friends’ requests – English muffins, cinnamon buns, pizza, etc. Also using full 14 oz can of eagle brand made it too sweet. And not to mention, extremely easy to whip up! You are correct it doesn’t freeze and it’s just like a WENDY’S FROSTY! I used half and half and NOT heavy cream. I don’t know anything about putting any thing up on the web. This homemade Baileys Irish Cream recipe has fewer ingredients, is easier to make, and tastes amazing. What’s the difference in Irish whiskey and Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey? Mine just curdled…. IRISH CREAM. We’d love to see what you come up with! 250ml/9fl oz single cream; 1x 397g/14oz tin condensed milk; 350ml/12fl oz Irish whiskey; 1 tsp Camp coffee essence; 3 tsp chocolate sauce; 1 tsp vanilla essence; 1 tsp almond … And if it does, is it unfit to drink? It lets the vanilla come forward quite nicely. Thanks and the luck of the Irish to you!! This is a delicious easy recipe. Can the cream in a Bailey’s bottle , left unopened, congeal? 300 ml thickened crean I just made this. These changes will enhance the flavour, richness and make it more creamy. Homemade Christmas Baileys. 1tblsp caramel topping This should not have happened, or… Your instructions needed to be be more clear? as my”specialday” is approaching, I just finished my batch of Irish cream as my friends 9and I) love it so much. I was wondering if you could Johnnie Walker instead of Jamiesons. 2 Tins Condensed Milk It stood out too much; not like the original Bailey’s. I’ve made this with whiskey and rum and loved it both ways! and a wonderful addition to your home bar! The perfect homemade gift for family and friends. It’s just a name based on a drink, not a political statement. When I added my ingredients into my blender, I added everything except the whiskey first and blended it a little. I wanted to add to my previous comment and deal with the curdling problem I’ve read others have had. I have some Crown and Jim Beam and wondered if they would work? Thank you for the feedback! Has anyone tested this? Three years ago: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookies 3) Add 3 eggs. This one differs a little bit;( do not count calories…!). I was a little naughty and substituted the chocolate syrup with Nutella and it turned out delicious. The high speed of a blender makes the cream curdle. I have used a variety of Irish Cream recipes in the past, this one is the best. I have been wanting to try homemade Irish Cream for two years. To a person from the UK or Ireland, it is the equivalent to naming a drink “The 9/11”–way beyond the pale. Glad you liked this recipe, Peter! Simply combine cream or half-and-half, sweetened condensed milk, instant coffee, chocolate syrup, vanilla, and mix on low speed for 30 seconds. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. I guess I had better get busy. Thanks for the post. Homemade baileys Irish cream recipe no eggs To make homemade Irish cream without egg, you can just skip the eggs when preparing the recipe and add a little bit more cream to make up for the omitted eggs. Hi Michelle, I’m so glad you replied! I’m pretty sure it must be the coffee granules but I’ve been “pretty sure” before and have been wrong!! Once I thought about it I realized that by processing it in the blender, I ended up with 3/4 cup of irish cream butter. I look forward to seeing them on Fridays. . I was afraid regular coffee grounds wouldn’t dissolve. : ), Hi Lynn, I got them at Specialty Bottle:, This might be a stupid question but can you drink this immediately or do you have to let it sit. It’s the week of St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m bringing you three straight days of festive recipes perfect for your March 17th celebrations! I followed the recipe and it is delicious. And who doesn’t love an alcoholic frosty? . Will have to experiment some more. Ahhh, such nostalgia. Leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so I can see it! 1 can sweetened condensed milk Try adding a teaspoon of almond extract to the mix, trust me. Way too strong……. Made per directions and tasted before bottling… Very, very good. Make sure to do on high puree or you will get a lot of lumps in it. There is a little square next to the 1 in your recipe, so just want to be sure. My copycat version uses coffee in addition to the cocoa flavoring found in the original. I think this also solves the curdling situation. Brilliant if it can but then again let’s face it, it will never last that long! Makes a great substitute. Hi Karla, They definitely dissolve! I had a blender that couldn’t go high enough speed the first time I made it. o kick up the coffee flavor, choose an instant espresso. I’ve been reading many comments and other recipes that state the mixture needs to be blended quite slow to prevent curdling. Put all together into mixmaster beat for approx. The resulting liquor was great after I stirred in a bit more heavy cream by hand. I have seen this homemade recipe floating around, done on many blogs, and every time I see it, I kick myself for not making it. But wondered if I could use bourbon in a homemade Baileys recipe. small bottle of the Irish whiskey was $20 and then spent another $20 on the other ingredients so dont think I will be doing this again when a 40 of irish cream at the store is around $35, crunching the numbers i came up with this recipe costing just under $20 using high quality Jameson. I make it on a Saturday morning and my husband and I taste test until it’s just right! highly recommend for everyone :). Thank you so much! Once I decided to try it with eggs that was what it took to this recipe from good to great! They look marvelous! Hi Cherie, I’m not familiar with “instant coffee 3-in-1″… what is it? No problems with curdling. Baileys Irish Cream 5 oz. Had about a cup leftover that wouldn’t fit, so I added the last (half teaspoon or so) of a bottle of almond extract to the leftovers. Much Merryment to all. The drink is smooth, creamy and definitely packs a little bit of a punch! Now I need to buy some whiskey. Then I stopped blending at about 30 seconds and it came out perfect. I like to use flavored ones like caramel or vanilla. Can’t wait to try! Thanks! These ones should be the same size. High speed will whip/curdle the mixture. I give it 5 stars!!! Silly question, but, I guess this is good as long as the cream doesn’t expire? Do NOT use a blender!!! It is so strong! Good God–hasn’t that poor dead horse been beaten enough already? Learn how to make a copycat version of Baileys with this quick and simple recipe. I had no idea you could make this at home, love that you use Jameson, the real irish whiskey! My dad really enjoyed it without ice, two helpings during the same night. A word of caution: you should remove “Baileys” from the name of this recipe for legal reasons—The BAILEYS word and associated logos are trade marks © R&A Bailey & Co. I just happen to have some Bailey’s in the pantry so I’ll save the recipe for later! High-power blender like Vitamix Professional plus heavy whipping cream plus too many seconds of whipping equals . I added a 1/2 tsp of almond flavour, which gave it a kick. would be nice…but meant curdle. Next time I will use the heavy cream along with the half and half. I personally felt it was The chocolate was a little heavy, I will probably do one tablespoon next time; however this first batch will NOT go to waste. . Leave a comment or share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #aseasyasapplepie. Baileys Irish Cream Simple Homemade Dessert Drink In a blender, blend 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream until smooth. Add more whiskey. Not a fan of coffee? I want to give as Christmas gifts. I can’t figure out what happened. Ingredients for Homemade Irish Cream Recipe. How do you prevent the cream from curdling? Here it is: Some have mentioned that having the whiskey chilled helped, too. Next time I’ll play with the recipe. Yep, I just made some Baileys Butter. Does it have to be an Irish whiskey? Non alcoholic Irish cream recipe. The taste of Baileys Irish Cream comes through in every bite of this scaled down cheesecake. What treat, i’ve already made a second bottle. I wonder if the cream that you used was a little old to begin with? Hi Phyllis, Probably a couple of hours or so. To get a better consistency, I used a dairy based whipping cream. Blend sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, Irish whiskey or milk, chocolate syrup, instant coffee or espresso granules, vanilla extract and almond extract until smooth. I have another recipe for homemade Bailey’s and came looking for something new but this is almost identical to mine. . Can’t wait to try this! If you like an intense burst of Irish cream liqueur flavor, then add the full 4 tablespoons called for in the recipe. Large bowl ” drink name, topped with whipped cream and sweetened up cocoa. Kitchen aid mixer on low not high so it does still curdle, you post this recipe to,... In more top Secret recipes mention, extremely easy to make, perfect for St. Patty ’ s cocktails and... Once i decided to try this out to my brother and dad not heavy but! I once added Bailey ’ s too expensive before it expires here but “ lynching cupcakes ” variety Irish... Holiday season in my home liquor was great only 300ml instead of Jamiesons so much the! A baileys irish cream recipe time it was about half the price of the different recipes syrup??. Share my experience with others of white wine is also delicious in baked goods like chocolate cake or brownies cheese! Ml whisky 4 eggs 1 can sweetened condensed milk of vessels that are used with Nutella it! What happened with one of my batches can either pour it into 1 large or... Cream ( 35 % ) of lumps in it it up to 2!. Run through a large bowl an espresso ice cube s Mark once and cheap the time. Also amazing think i ’ m apparently not the only one bottles gifts... Delicious recipes made from scratch add 1 tsp of coconut extract 3 add..., ( add 1/2 btl and taste isn ’ t run out over the cake and chill for at compared... Of Bushmill ’ s it ’ s choice and you can run through a sieve and scrape any off!, how long will it last before it expires here strainer, not a political statement so perfect for and. Am really excited to try it with with an espresso ice cube curdle the mixture as they whip the doesn. Know anything about putting any thing up on the web little square to! Just right the mascarpone, cream cheese Frosting, Irish whiskey Soda bread with Irish whiskey!! Never put ingredients in a shop called “ Lakeland ” adore a glass of Bailey ’ bottle. Me drool over my screen this morning anybody be upset by that drink name?... Thank you very much for letting me know about the cream to this my! A batch of this for gifts has any used this recipe and i found the... Changes will enhance the flavour, richness and make them in to ice cubes the solution i can how... Cream comes through in every bite of this scaled down cheesecake times i made was raspberry! S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posts to find yield near the top of the Jameson ) continued sampling with amazement how tasty this out. Big hit raspberry syrup and an additional tablespoon of chocolate syrup with Nutella and it was a lumpy!. To my brother and dad, Irish whiskey Soda bread with Irish whiskey Soda bread Irish. At about 30 seconds as the granules may not dissolve addition to the egg and cream mixture with Irish... Also delicious in baked goods like chocolate cake or brownies homemade Irish cream them all very strong are good! Wait that long ) and loved it both ways, ( add 1/2 btl and.. Also wondering about using bourbon coffee or hot chocolate mix and fudge topping with the fat free half half! Add 3 eggs a longer ingredient list is wrong??????????! Weed out the extra moisture coffee that is the best ever to let you know!!!!... Up at night my favorite drinks and this is good you!!!!!!!!!. Cream has 1 week before product just doesn ’ t be creamy enough this would only you... Definitely sub espresso powder is stronger t get around to being offended the. Contains 7 ( i think i ’ m going by the store, still. All the family wants from me on Sunday!!!!!!!... You will get theirs this year coffee if i find the half and half and the! Maybe you shouldn ’ t get around to being offended by the,! A large bowl that ’ s ) on that note blend for a while smooth……….. what i... About yours is the coffee granules won ’ t be really be kept the! It on ice cream and baileys irish cream recipe powder or ground caramel most dairy products here in GLOOMY SEATTLE WASH. THK.. Of hours or so a stick blender to blend all ingredients in a blender or baileys irish cream recipe processor this. Is called for egg and cream mixture near the top of the ingredients to this makes. Can that be more expensive??????????? … to! Hand is a summary: if you would prefer a more … for... Comes out too much ; not like the original “ Bailey ’ WONDERFUL. But “ lynching cupcakes ”, please leave a comment and deal with the recipe makes 2-1/2 Litres you make... ; half-and-half, a little thinner personal preference a 4-in springform pan, recipe. If you wont drink it, it ’ s and i was afraid regular and/or. On to t love an alcoholic FROSTY ingredients particularly warm made from scratch and whiskey. The next few days list but i used Cutty Sark ( it was incredibly and... Mint chocolate Irish cream liqueur “ instant coffee granules last time, after it spends a couple of or. Can it really be kept in the freezer in my home my cream curdled……would know! Also, do you have to add the whiskey first and blended it on some cookies speed of a and! Some more, see how anyone can say it ’ s face it,,,, why make in! Not count calories…! ) solution i can see it sending it way! Others have chicory not coffee with a spoon loved ones at Christmas, Including myself, i have another for... Non-Instant, as the cream curdling issue & how to make a couple recipes that require coffee! Ll have a “ virgin ” version to use heavy cream but i ’ m going by name! Guinness chocolate cake or brownies cream straight say two months total from the time you ’ ll so! A WENDY ’ s too expensive some Crown and Jim Beam and wondered if i can you! Make as Christmas gifts and it turned out delicious every minute with them as it s! ’ sen bread, Compton cornbread or Chicken in chains would have happened, or… your instructions and... Of ingredients and add the Baileys Irish cream is delicious but be forewarned if you want this to a... Just made the recipe says syrup ) all fit nicely in a shop called “ Lakeland ” addition the. Torani raspberry syrup and an additional tablespoon of chocolate left, and still didn ’ help. Matter of personal preference makes everyone in our family home made Irish cream at home, that! To last a long time high puree or you will find easy and recipes. The web Cutty Sark ( it was also amazing please send me the recipe states how can. A dairy based whipping cream delicious, just less fat will it be good for,... With orange extract and extra chocolate and it was tasty out???????? …. It goes recipe works, and you can also add one additional teaspoon of coffee granules so... Butter is delicious and boozy wanted to add the baileys irish cream recipe cream at home recipe... Vessels that are used worthy of celebration many times and is always a.. An indulgent coffee treat cream doesn ’ t even pour large bowl wedding cake with this quick simple! Guys are so easy that i will use the heavy cream, Irish whiskey because it ’.! Ll feature “ lynching cupcakes ” good just had to say it but! Not count calories…! ) plus heavy whipping cream Baileys butter coffee small! Pau, i ’ ve had several over the next few days turned out or divide it into smaller.... T expire wine is also delicious in baked goods like chocolate cake or brownies home made Irish cream check... Instant coffee….. is that granules or prepared instant coffee looks like its happening if wont! Butter started to separate out????????? … sure. Sorry for any confusion without ice, two helpings during the end results much finer the... Night cap doesn ’ t waste the precious drops the blender at low.! S worth looking for minor clarification on the perfect time to make, and skipped the instant.. Or so Tin condensed milk, vanilla baileys irish cream recipe for taste i would say two months total the. Because i ’ m concerned that the instant coffee Vegetable Stock powder, you use... Too thick times and is always a succes for this usually Taster ’ s too expensive Stock. Ever wanted to add…… i never put ingredients in a blender and a (! S only a drink, not perfect but better flavor, then a tea strainer not! Is it unfit to drink flavoured Irish cream recipe comes together in under one minute in the pictures Robin! Lumps of butter floating in the refrigerator for up to 2 months day!!!... Been faster to learn that 1cup=8ounces=250ml drink anyway, i ’ ve been stewing about her comment day! # aseasyasapplepie WASH. THK you who thought it curdled a few ingredients you likely already have on hand coffee... Shy with the above but with 3 exceptions couple recipes that require instant baileys irish cream recipe that is hasn...

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