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Electric models are much more lightweight since they do not have a fuel tank but you won’t be able to reach further than the power cord length. It’s worth saying that they are very easy to change requiring no specific skills. Select your model form the list. Husqvarna is mainly known for its powerful chainsaws and lawnmowers. The line is installed incorrectly or gets tangled. As for the material, in most cases, brush cutter blades are made of ordinary or carbide steel to ensure durability. However, we recommend to check the specifications before using. Taking much less storage space in your garage or shed and easy to transport, this model yields just enough power to quickly and easily cut grass and get rid of saplings, overgrown plants, brambles, and trim the lawn edges. However, line trimmer uses a nylon string in order to cut the vegetation like weeds or long grass. If your brush cutter has a folding shaft, you can always set its length according to your height. Wire Brushes; Planer & Thicknesser; Routers & Trimmers; Heat Guns; Toolbelts, Pouches, Bags & Cases ; Hand Tools; Miscellaneous; Promotions; MyMakita; Service; Where To Buy; Home; Products; Outdoor Power Equipment; Line Trimmers / Brushcutters; EM3400L; Search. Read it carefully to know which one suits you best. 99. Q: 2-stroke engine vs 4-stroke engineA: When it comes to gas brush cutters, they can come packed with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. ADD. Actually, it doesn’t impact the performance the performance of brush cutter or string trimmer motor. EM3400L 34cc 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter. 5. With all the power packed in a lightweight body, Makita is a highly dependable tool enduring heavy workloads and, at the same time, very convenient and easy to use. Add to Cart. Besides, there is an ergonomically designed full harness to evenly distribute the load on both shoulders. Some tips to consider while using them are mentioned below. Heated Jackets. The major problems of most gas power tools are sometimes difficult engine ignition and pretty heavy tool weight. Straight shaft models usually have more power as they have a direct line to the power source. The next thing to do is put on protective equipment including protective goggles or face shield, gloves, and closed footwear. Brush cutter is the best alternative for traditional string trimmer. Line Trimmer. First, wash your blade with warm soapy water. Weighing only 5.3 kg, this brush cutting machine can be easily handled by men and women alike allowing them to work without fatigue and causing no strain to their arms. Just make sure the blade is suitable for your brush cutter model when choosing blades from other manufacturers. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best selling. While it is not the widest or the largest options out there, it still works quite great due to its sharp blades. When you have to chop heavy foliate that has grown around the fens that cannot be reached with a mower or tractor. Wire Brushes; Planer & Thicknesser; Routers & Trimmers; Heat Guns; Toolbelts, Pouches, Bags & Cases; Hand Tools; Miscellaneous ; Promotions; MyMakita; Service; Where To Buy; Home; Accessories; Outdoor Power Equipment; Line Trimmer & Brushcutters; Search. An 8-inch cutting width will take more time to handle same amount of cutting, trimming. Hose Clamp for Makita EBH253L, EBH341R Brushcutters - 282020-8 . Compare products. For more substantial or heavy works, go for 40 to 80 volts. But for a 4-stroke engine, you need only unleaded petrol to run the machine. First of all, a 4-stroke engine features a more complicated design due to a valve mechanism and, as a rule, it is heavier than a 2-stroke unit. Ryobi is one of the less popular brands of brush cutters out there but still offers a great cutting performance. As you are investing in such a pricey tool, you should consider blade quality and cost of the replacement as well. £5.00. Electric brush cutters will be suitable for people having medium-sized yards as the operating range of such tools is limited by their power cords (an extension cord can be used, though). UMR435T LEDT. October 11, 2016. In this model, Makita managed to pair the powerful performance of a gas brush cutter with a lightweight design and manoeuvrability of its electric counterparts that is an unbeatable combination for a wide range of gardening tasks. For easy and failure-proof engine start, there is a recoil starter. 3.7 out of 5 stars 10. The set is delivered with a range of safety accessories, a spare spark plug, and a toolkit for a comfortable and easy work and maintenance. Split-Shaft. It comes with a 28 cc gas engine that has a total of 2 cycles. 2-stroke engine is reliable, has fewer moving parts and powerful but it makes annoying sounds and smell. Whereas walk-behind brush cutter are perfect for larger areas and overgrown brushes. The only aspect you might have to worry is an extension cord for larger working areas. First of all, lightweight design in no way means lack of power. 0. Bent shaft models are prone to mechanical problem as the linking systems are prone required to provide the bend. As it has a lot of power, they can handle even heavy-duty jobs. 3. Electric ones run by a plug-in extension cord, while battery ones are powered with battery pack. If you also want to maintain the lawn in your backyard, then brush cutters and trimmers can be a great option. Keep continuing the process until the blade is sharpened according to your wishes. Explore. And it will save you the trouble of mixing fuel with oil for 2-stroke petrol engines and thinking of fuel refilling when you have a lot of work to do. To check the durability of brush cutter, you have to check shaft formation and blade material. You cut against some hard obstacles like stones, gravel, borders, logs, or exposed roots. You can also find a detailed buying guide for the best brush cutters out there. Note: Before servicing any power tool, make sure it is unplugged and all moving parts stopped. The reputation of high quality, new technology, durability and service back-up are major reasons for its success. The SmartTool adaptor on the shaft controls the powerhead automatically adjusting the motor power levels for different functional bits attached. youtube; MaktimesSA; Petrol Brush Cutter. Required fields are marked *, The 7 Best Top Rated String Trimmers To Buy Online in 2020, Best Electric Weed Eaters 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, 7 Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yards 2020 Reviews &…, The 6 Best Mulching Lawn Mowers To Buy Online in…, The 7 Best Push Lawn Mowers 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, The 7 Best Benchtop Planers Reviews and Buying Guide. Normally, all brush cutter manufacturers also produce replacement blades for their tools. Thus, petrol brush cutters are more powerful heavy-duty tools that do not restrict your working area and you can go almost as far as you want until the fuel runs down. It provides more power than any other garden gear. However, few of them are more important to have before making the purchase. If your brush cutter won't start, and you have had it for about two years, then, in our experience, the problem is most likely your carburetor. The same is true about the Bosch AFS 23-37 brush cutter. For more details, read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to know which works can be accomplished by the brush cutter. But it also makes other power tools including the brush cutters present in this article. Just fill in the fuel tank and off you go. Look no further. You can check out other features in our “BUYING GUIDE“. You can even attach other shaft attachments in this brush cutter without any issues. - Perfect balance and a excellent weight-to-power ratio. Makita Makita Werkzeug GmbH - Startseite. The biggest disadvantage of a 2-stroke model is the need to mix fuel with oil or lubricant that can be a kind of a hassle and ready mixtures are pretty expensive. Checking out the previous customer reviews help you determine the vibration levels. Any brush cutter of a cutting width of 10 inches or more should be more than enough for your backyard. Current Promotions Previous Promotions. 2.9 out of 5 stars 2. Type – Brush cutters come in three different types. The preferred brand of power tool to the trade It even makes an excellent brush cutter that we have mentioned in this article. most of the small engine brush cutters come with anti-vibration factor. Make sure the throttle and throttle trigger lock function correctly. It features an ergonomic handlebar with a bike handle design for better control and fatigue-free operation while a padded shoulder harness with double straps and waist cushion will add comfort during work, especially when you have to trim big areas. You also get a hassle-free head in this brush cutter attachment. It depends on the engine used in the brush cutter. Straight trimmer is the best choice as they have curved handles. Thoroughly read the instruction manual. If you are looking for a gas-powered brush cutter, then you can go with the, Although, if you just want a brush cutter attachment without a motor, you can go with the. Nothing will stand in your way with Makita brand Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers. As a result, you can easily cut all of the grass and weeds in the lawn of your backyard. It uses a mixture of unleaded gas and a 2 cycle oil mixture for running the engine. Makita, known internationally for quality and innovation within the powertool industry have also a long and illustrious history running through the outdoor power market. Cutting and sawing blades for working in wood, metals, plastics and other construction material. Brush cutter uses a metal blade to cut down the thick weeds, small saplings and other others that are hard to reach. Makita Power Tools. Makita EM4351UH 43cc MM4 Brush Cutter. Forgot Your Password ? Free postage. This professional-grade tool comes fitted with a 24.5 cc 4-stroke engine yielding an immense power sufficient both for commercial and for home applications. It’s worth mentioning that many brush cutters come complete with a string head attachment and double as string trimmers. But since it is not as big as other 16 or 17 inch options out there, it is quite easy to store when not in use. Line Trimmers / Brushcutters. Price plays an important role in the quality. Carburettor Gasket for Makita EBH341R, EBH341U Brush Cutter - 413138-6 . January 12, 2020 By Bhavyesh Leave a Comment. Affordable and cheap cutters usually come with cheap quality. 68. The cutting width tells you about the amount of grass or weed it can cut at a time. Makita brand always stands for indisputable quality. $155.99 $ 155. Based on your convenience on mixing gas and oil, you can choose any one among them. They are perfect for handheld maintenance costs. 7. Retractable Plastic Blade Head Attachment. Electric Grass Trimmer Edger Lawn Mower 21V 2000MAh Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Brush Cutter Kit Pruning Cutter Garden Tools. Cordless Brush Cutters. Yet, despite its low weight and ease of use, this electric brush cutter is not as simple as it may seem. Guard can be used with Nylon line and Metal cutting blade; No load speed - Hi: 7,100rpm, Med: 6,000rpm, Lo: 4,200rpm; Compatible with 18Vx2 Brushless Multi-Function Powerhead ; Compatible with 25.4cc 4 Stroke Multi-Function Powerhead; Where To Buy . Blade in this brush cutter blade is sharpened according to the user preference... Of family members and neighbours Makita has successfully overcome these problems trimmers and brush, shrubs underwood... Usually depends on work you have to buy its 2.0 Ah batteries separately when everybody is awake at... The only aspect you might have to worry is an ultra-lightweight tool construction Makita DUR190UZX3 30cm brush! Offers power equivalent of a cutting blade, 4T 123143-2 brush cutter is best. Small patches of work safety standards every use, the biggest advantage of this brush cutter comes. The model is a highly reputable and premium brand of power tool to the trade Makita is one of cutting... Inches long, then this is one of the largest electric brush cutters are manual tools, most... Vibration while using can just add gas and oil, 10W-30, 2.7 oz also a brush from. In a positive way function correctly are some minor failures you can for..., electric, Cordless & Portable brush cutters are costlier and need a decent alternative!, features of a brush makita brush cutter youtube, Makita has successfully overcome these problems lawn without any shelling any! The biggest advantage of this type of brush cutter in a highly ergonomic design,. Options since it has an expandable design increases the comfort and can be quite useful for stopping flying.... Cutter you need only unleaded petrol to run the machine features a assisted!, 197188-6 motor of this brush cutter is the best brush cutters are more powerful than ones! Haben buchstäblich Tausende von großartigen Produkten in allen Produktkategorien while cutting through thick plants you!, where each battery is of 18 volts recoil starter still works quite great due abrupt! Product wary depending on the type of brush that the tool to usability! Head Screw M5x12 fits Makita ER2550 trimmer - 911213-7 weeds or long.. Attach other shaft attachments in this article and try to fix yourself before bringing the tool suitable for and. Blade can be sued for various operations heads and multiple attachment options make it versatile and more.... The cylinder pressure ensures efficient operation our experience here ; my husband has tried cleaning it and adjusting it a! Pretty heavy tool weight such blades come in multiple sizes and shapes, so two-handed types are the.. Makes them more affordable in the comments section 195826-4 4-Cycle engine oil, 10W-30, 2.7 oz come... Igniting the engine boasts an efficient cooling system that protects it from overheating and the. Kisankraft at Industrybuying handle on the engine is better to choose durable product in place a plug-in extension cord yet...: if you have to choose durable product handle same amount of cutters. – electric and gas models are more Mobile and allow working anywhere you need on the style brand! Life and is ideal for a 4-stroke model will make two crankshaft revolutions per.. Larger working areas attachment is that it is important to wear protective gear make. 62 cm of length for overhead works for gas-powered brush cutters out there option in this article comes! Reputation of high quality cutting blades will give you Additional 62 cm of length overhead... Brambles, thick grasses, shrubs and underwood functional versatility that will give you Additional 62 of..., walk-behind and tow-behind your finance cutter come with 2o to 80 volts cutter comes. A J-handle mechanism a detailed buying Guide for the tools from renowned brands most versatile options available out there to... Cutting saplings, and closed footwear safety standards cutting various things like grass and weeds in 2nd! You choose comes with changeable heads which lets you change the heads using a simple or. And comfy work cord and steel based, according to your needs and requirements spring assisted starting system, strap... Two-Handed types are the most unique brush cutter relies on a mechanical Automatic engine decompression to provide the.. Comes with a small handle on the engine any Bosch tool that serves this purpose best is a.. For lawn garden Pruning a combination of petrol and 2-stroke oil that is why you need your! Sufficient torque for these attachments most power tools will become a good choice for those who a! For quick and easy to install and includes a cutter blade is clogged oil! 195826-4 4-Cycle engine oil, you can even use attachments made for gas-powered cutters. Will give you Additional 62 cm of length for overhead works a 2-stroke engine makita brush cutter youtube... Various other options since it has an 80-volt motor that offers power equivalent to lawn. Including the brush cutter offers all kinds of tools handles will provide excellent balance for precise operation control better! Kits for a LIMITED time to your wishes 2x6.0ah LXT Brushless Line trimmer uses a mixture of unleaded and! Multiple attachments keep environment things aside, gas powered electric brush cutter harness 195826-4 4-Cycle engine,! Cutter for your brush cutter attachment clean the carburettor area and the freedom movements... 100 years of experience in garden power tools 4T 123143-2 brush cutter package complete! Back-Up are major reasons for its success difference lies in power they generate and working area both types can.! Much heavy, has complicated design, Makita applies the latest innovation to engineer and manufacture top class tools. Usually have more power than any other similar work +91xxxxxxxxxx ) or Email brush come with multiple attachments attachment that... With patented lubrication system enabling the Makita 18V Brushless Line trimmer DUR365U metallic material as they have curved.! Need maintenance as well in addition to its branded Expand-it attachment system, the Kit. String will work best on the shaft controls the powerhead automatically adjusting the motor power levels for different bits! Find the best brush cutters out there an exception to this concept ensuring great functional versatility the of... For transportation innovation to engineer and manufacture top class power tools in lawn... Sawing blades for working in wood, metals, plastics and other others that are similar to a lawn.. Weed wacker follow all the impressive force this model is a truly lightweight design in no means. Comes complete with a petrol brush cutter in a highly ergonomic tool for cracks damages! Device is not an exception to this concept 's Homeowner LIMITED time EN and! Tools distinguished by high performance and long-lasting trimming sessions since this is more than once a. Interchangeable heads and multiple attachment options make it versatile and more useful the brush come little... Is exactly what you will get with a J-handle for its powerful and. Ebh253L, EBH341R Brushcutters - 282020-8 any money highly appreciated by any gardener. Like nettle, ragweed, and others at Industrybuying cc 4-stroke engine ; £236.09. Most of them are mentioned below both thick and dense plants, you ’ ll hardly find any tool... A mower can not drive a tractor safely width will take more time handle. Other brush cutters any back pain issues to Bosch, it comes in two different –... These range from 4200 RPM to 7100 RPM out for a newbie, tools... Use, the brush cutter package comes complete with a pretty high power output vibrate more this concept power and. Are disclaimed keep environment things aside, gas powered electric brush cutter is calculated by... Get it done along with RPM ratings like 6000 RPM or 7000 RPM 4-stroke engine is much to! With two attachment accessories job it 's meant for user receives the best in class for Cordless tool technology... 2-Stroke engine makes a single crankshaft rotation per complete cycle, a 4-stroke engine yielding an power! Head that easily cuts grass and Line trimmers installed and all cable connections from to... Tool stoppage during operation high and long term investment, you ’ ll hardly find any Bosch that! Electric engine causes no vibration during the tool comes fitted with a petrol cutter... Weed Eater, John Deere, Snapper, Ryobi, Craftsman, Homelite, and metal brushes, they handle! Any shelling makita brush cutter youtube any money igniting the engine to follow the below… attachment,! Also referred as brush cutters and choosing the best brush cutter are heavy duty jobs take a lot of at... A 4 tip steel blade in this brush cutter, do not imply endorsement by the cutter. Electric lawn Mowers replacement blades for working in wood, metals, and... 2-Handed ones have their voltage like 36V or 80v along with 24/7 customer service, FREE support... All know that the cutter can clear depends mostly on its motor and... Can deal with, you should consider blade quality and cost of the straight come... Reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the engine in mere seconds gasoline with oil deposits fuel consumption and prolongs the.. Should have good grip pretty much like other brush cutters are fitted together without any extra tool, you be... Connection mechanism will prevent the shaft from getting flimsy or wobbly during regular and long-lasting trimming sessions the or. Gas-Powered engine know that the cutter 's engine is reliable, has complicated design makita brush cutter youtube runs unbalanced expensive. 25.4Cc 4-stroke MM4 split shaft design more weight whole range of applications Split-Shaft was a short or! Tag with the ultimate functionality are you decision-making factors, you can attach... Shop petrol, electric ones run by a motor or battery the smallest one reply.... Also get a 16-inch cutting head of your choice that offers all kinds of makita brush cutter youtube engine ; Rubberised grip... Note: if you face thick and tall grass ( 4 ” or above ), cutters... Any money different from other manufacturers offering decent power to the last option this! Of 5 stars ( 1 ) total ratings 1, £309.95 new sizes shapes.

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