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I just spent the last two days downloading, googling, and calling to get a customs clearance code after receiving a message from iparcel about my precious package sitting in customs. Korean Customs has simplified clearance procedures for goods with particular purposes (samples, goods for warranty and non-warranty repair). PCCC (Personal Customs Clearance Code) South Korea. Key to smooth customs handling is a complete and correct commercial invoice. The Korean Customs Service’s (KCS) is the official customs department of South Korea which works under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. With information on Korean exports, imports, customs, enforcement, traveler information, customs free zone, and incentives to FDI in Korea. On Nov. 11, the Korean customs attaches stationed in eight countries worldwide hosted an on-line briefing session on overseas customs clearance regimes for Korean exporters. TNT will help you getting your shipment ready for customs clearance. South-Korean Customs Authorities have decided that as per 1 July 2018 ‘de minimis’ B2C and C2C shipments (shipments with a value not exceeding $ 150,- to private persons) will need a personal code of the private consignee/importer, the so-called Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC). For companies exporting to the Republic of Korea, the following shipping documents are required to clear Korean Customs: COMMERCIAL INVOICE: An original invoice and two copies must be presented with the shipping documents and must include total value, unit value, quantity, marks, product description and shipping from/to information. ii) Education on complex clearance procedure More than simply paying duties and taxes, these goods could require clearance by Korean Customs and could involve quarantine or other lengthy review procedures. Besides customs duties and taxes, some items require licensing and approval procedures with other Korean Government agencies. But not today- obviously they want another 13 digit number. A PCCC (Personal Customs Clearance Code) is basically your customs ID number and there are two main situations when it is needed. The decision has been made due to ‘Real Name Verification’ and is meant to prevent the use of Importers can make an import declaration online using the Korean Customs Service’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system for paperless import clearance. based in Korea --Clearance Benefits: working on streamlining Customs clearance for E-Commerce, by providing the following benefits: i) Expedited clearance, such as inspection rate adjusting to law compliance evaluation that takes into account declaration integrity and clearance legality; and . Until today, whenever goods were ordered from outside South Korea, I would receive an email from e-parcel requesting customs 13 digit number. These items include food, alcohol, pets, medicine, and cars. No biggies, the Alien Registration number worked. Customs Clearance tips | TNT Korea South

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