30 years in the priesthood


Wow. I am really humbled to the bone marrow. What a myriad of outpouring of sincere good wishes and promise of prayers from friends and acquaintances, especially yours, on this day of grace, July 15, 2019, I mark the 30th Anniversary of my Priestly Ordination?
I am really overwhelmed, and wish to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. In fact, I wonder if I fit into any of those accolades of beautiful things you, and most of my other friends and acquaintances expressed to wish me well and pray with me on this day!
Again, THANK YOU so much for your friendship, especially, for your magnanimous spirit, sincere friendship and love as expressed in your good will messages. I am really very grateful.
May God bless you abundantly in His own way, and may He keep you always in His Divine love, mercy and wisdom.

SHALOM - Peace and God's choicest blessings.
Fr. Oborji
Rome, July, 15, 2019

Hearty congratulations to Fr. Prof. OBORJI

Some congratulatory messages I received on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of my Priestly Ordination. They were sent via WhatsApp chats, July 15, 2019. Many thanks to all of these my well wishers. May God bless each and every one of these my friends and acquaintances in His own Divine way. Amen

Exactly 30 years ago today, on July 15, 1989, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Basilica), Onitsha, and at the anointing hands of the Ordaining Prelate, Most Rev. Dr. Albert K. Obiefuna (then Bishop of Awka, later transferred to Onitsha on July 1994), the following 7 candidates [BIGARD '89 Set], of the Archdiocese of Onitsha were Ordained priests:

1. Fr. Gabriel Anosike - of the Blessed memory (Nnewi).
2. Fr. Martin Onukwuba (Onitsha).
3. Fr. Joseph Nwakoby (Nkwelle-Ezunaka).
4. Fr. Augustine Odimmegwua (Oraukwu).
5. Fr. Linus Okika (Awkuzu).
6. Fr. Francis Anekwe Oborji (Aguleri).
7. Fr. Philip Nwafor - Official (Ideani).

We congratulate and thank God with these our 7 priests of the Archdiocese of Onitsha as they mark their 30th Priestly Ordination Anniversary today, July 15, 2019, Feast of St. Bonaventure, Bishop & Doctor of the Church.
We promise them our prayers for God's protection, continued fruitful priestly ministry and life of witness in today's challenging world.

  • Congratulations Fr. Happy anniversary. May God continue to bless you, keep you healthy and lead you as you work in his vineyard. Tanti Auguri
  • Congratulations Prof. In you we see the Glory of the Lord. To Him all Glory and Praise world without end. Amen!
  • Hearty congratulations dear Prof. May the Lord renew in you today, the grace of your priestly ordination.
  • Big congratulations my dear Prof. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and understanding and knowledge and good health. Tanti auguri a te.
  • Dear Prof, congratulations !!! May God continue to shower his blessings on you. Have a good and wonderful celebration.
  • Congratulations dearest Prof
  • Congratulations Fr on your 30th priestly anniversary. May God continue to bless and guide you. Ad multos annos. Ya gaziere gi
  • A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BIG DADDY. Many more fruitful years in the Lord vineyard. May the good Lord continue to see you through. Amen.
  • Congratulations dear Prof Anekwe on your 30th anniversary. May the good Lord strengthen you to continue the work he has entrusted to you.
  • Congratulations as you mark your 30th priestly anniversary.
  • Congratulations Fr. Francis Anekwe Oborji on your 30th Years of Priesthood.
    I wish you many more glorious years in the service of God and man.
  • Wow! Congratulations on your Pearl anniversary and many more joyful and glorious years.
  • Congrats to Onitsha Archdiocesan team of Bigard '89. May God continue to bless and keep you in his Love. Sure, you're the apples of God's eyes.
  • Tanti auguri
  • Good morning dear Fr and happy 30th priestly anniversary. May God strengthen you and grant you more grace to continue your great mission in His vineyard. Tu es sacerdos in eternum secundum ordinem Melchizedek.
  • May God continue to bless and strengthen you in all you do, Amen.
  • Kudos fr. May God be praised in ur life.
  • Years flies
  • Happy anniversary of your priest hood. May the grace of God continue to sustain you in this journey. Bravo
  • As you mark your 30th anniversary in the vineyard of the Lord today. I pray for the renewal of your sacerdotal annointing. May God whom you have decided to serve never leave you alone. May you continue to be a bridge between God and His people. May all who who encounter you be renewed in holliness and Love. May despairing souls meet you and believe. Please Padre, continue to be good. You may not know how you inspire those of us here. God bless you real good Fr Francis. I offered some prayers for you today. Tu es sacerdos in aertenum Fr Prof.
  • Wooooow
    Congratulations Fr Professor. May God continue to accompany you by His grace.
    Ad Multos Annos
    Tu es Sacerdos in eternum.
  • Big congratulations all of you & those ordained at Onitsha. I guess you guys were the first to be ordained. I was present @ Onitsha when among the key points of then Bishop Obiefuna during his homily was the call to serve the people of God. That he wished the Episcopal service could be within a specified period of time instead of one's lifetime. So that more priests could experience it a bit as bishops. It is 30 years already? Time flies. Once more congratulations to you all
  • My mates from Onitscha, I congratulate you all on your 30th years of your priestly anniverary. You are wothy servants of God. You have been faithful to the call to work in God's Vineyard. You derve some praises. As I pray for you today, remember heaven is our final goal. May you continue to work for the Lord in happiness and good health. Ride on brothers.
  • Hello to you all The Onitsha Seven. I remember I waz daa. Peace and blessings. And eternal rest to Fr. Gab. He has gone before us.
  • My dearest brothers celebrating their 30 years of priestly ordination today, congratulations. May God bless you every day with good health of body and mind in Jesus name Amen.
  • Congratulations on your Priestly Ordination anniversary some Thirty years ago. May God continue to be with you
  • Congratulations to you and your priest colleagues on this day that you turned 30 years in your ministerial call as a priest.
    I thank God for you and I pray that God will continue to lead and inspire you as you serve Him with the wonderful gift of knowledge with which He endowed you.
    Thank you for answering His call!
  • Dear Prof. I wish you and your classmates abundant blessing of God as you celebrate your 30th anniversary. May God grant you the good health as you toil further in his service.
  • Felicitations, our own and dear Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Oborji.
  • God who called you and elevated you to admirable heights, will continue to be a pillar of support for u. May he make your future in His vineyard more fruitful and successful, Amen.
  • Congratulations also to you ordination mates. May God bless u all!
  • Happy Anniversary Prof. You are indeed a gift to the Church. May God continue to sustain you in his vineyard. God bless you
  • Happy 30th priestly ordination anniversary prof.
    May God continue to renew the grace of ordination in you, to make your life and ministry ever more attractive and beneficial in the salvation of souls.
  • Amen.
    Ibu Ukochukwu ebeghebe.
    Time has a fundamental importance, and this is why we celebrate Jubilee years, church anniversaries or priestly anniversaries.
    I join you Fr. Francis and class mates in celebrating the wondrous deed that God has done in your lives, with no merit of your own. He has deigned to make you an instrument of his divine grace in administrating the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist and Reconciliation, but also Anointing of the sick, the sacrament of Baptism, and assisting in the sacrament of Marriage.
    Remember the graces lived in the Church in the past 30 years.
    Priesthood in the church is nothing more than a partaking in the priesthood of Christ, for we have nothing more to offer to the Father than His own Body and Blood. What a privilege!
    May all your sacrifices be sown for an Eternal harvest.
    May Mary, Mother of God, intercede for you and for us all, and guide us all in conforming ever more to Christ her Son.
    May the Lord reward you for your dedication, commitment and love of the Lord and continue to bless you in abundance from the gifts and the fruits of the Risen Lord and the Holy Spirit.
    Once again Congratulations and every blessing to you Fr, to your family, friends and community on this happy day. I rejoice & celebrate with you and promise to keep you in my prayers for the generous ministry of service as Priest.
    May the souls of your departed parents, family members and all those whose hearts of openness and acceptance have encouraged you to be who you are, rest in peace with the Lord.
    For the living May God continue to bless them with peace and every good gifts.

  • Prof., the little much I could say is no hidden truth; even those at a distance know and see it. It is a question of the heart to recognize and appreciate these realities.
  • Happy 30 years anniversary in the Lord's farmyard Ukochukwu
    May the decision you made to serve the Lord as a Catholic priest never cease to bring you everlasting joy
    And may the love you have for God cause the continuous renewal of your strength as you tread on the immutable path you chose
    Ad multos annos
  • Congratulations to you Fr. Francis and to your classmates! May God bless you and keep you!
    Congratulations To Priest of the Most High God,
    Rev Fr, Professor Francis Oborji, A Missiologist at pontifical urban University is a Catholic Priest who lives in Vatican City, Rome.....

  • Congratulations to you dear Prof and Happy 30th Priestly Anniversary. May the Good Lord renew you daily in his love that everyday you may become less unworthy of this exalted vocation.
    Tantissimi Auguri di trentessimo Anniversario Presbiterale.

  • Prof., hearty congratulations on your 30th anniversary Priestly ordination. I thank God for you. You have already achieved a lot within these past years, in various fields: Academics - an Intellectual of the first Order; an accomplished Professor and lecturer; a prolific writer; a Prof of many professors; a great philosopher and theologian. A model - an inspirer; a motivator; a workaholic; one dedicated to duties; a gentle man. Spirituality - a lover of the Church and the truth; a defender of the Faith; a believer in faith and in practice. Human relation - a listener; a humorous person and with large heart; open minded to all, in season and out of season; a radiator of joy and hope. The list can continue!
    Suffices to say that you're a great gift to the Church and to the society. Congrats to you and to your colleagues/set of ordination, 1989.
  • You've dedicated yourself in an amazing way engaging in a spiritual & pastoral husbandry of God's flock. May you always know never-ending mercies & blessings of God.
    Congratulations Prof on your anniversary of priestly ordination. You are in my deepest spiritual regards. Felicitations Prof

  • Congratulations for your priestly ordination 30years today. I am happy for you! My family and l celebrate with you and shall continue to pray to God for you. Ad multos annos! Enjoy the day in a unique way.
  • God will continue connect u in all u do
    God will shower u more
  • Very Rev. Fr. Oborji,
    As you celebrate your 30th priestly Anniversary today, I have so many sentiments to convey to you but I’ve decided to summarize them in prayer with your intention that:
    God will lift you.
    God will hear you.
    God will lead you.
    God will help you.
    God will light you.
    God will guide you.
    God will elect you.
    God will name you.
    God will crown you.
    God will prosper you.
    God will direct you.
    God will locate you.
    God will select you.
    God will perfect everything in and around you.
    God will heal you physically and spiritually.
    God will protect you.
    God will change everything that needs to be changed in your life.
    God will elongate your life and health.
    God will restore you.
    God will connect you.
    God will celebrate you.
    God will support you.
    God will sustain you.
    God will renew your grace of ordination.
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
    Happy Anniversary Fr!!!
  • Out of His great luv & ever-faithful mercy He called us to the Altar and engraced us for ministry. May He renew your priestly anointing and grant you the grace for this mysterious vocation, amen.
  • Congratulations Padre. May God continue to strengthen you in his vineyards.
  • Wow, wow, wow....
    Tanti Auguri fr. Am so happy for u.
    May God bless and keep u in his love.
    Congratulations And happy Anniversary.
    I was 3yrs & 6months old when u were ordianed.
    You are a blessing to our generation oo...
    I Will keep u in my prayers.
  • Happy anniversary Fr
    May God continue to lead and sustain you in your priestly vocation.
    More blessings and good tidings to you.
  • A big Congratulations to you dear fr for your Priestly Anniversary. 30yrs in the Lord's house is not 30 days or weeks or months. May the good Lord increase your Strength and joy of serving him all the days of your life. Amen. Once again Congratulations fr.
  • Father congregation on your 30th pristely ordaion may God continue to guide you in God's vineyard in Jesus name Amen.
  • Many more YEARS with good health

Happy anniversary Prof

  • Big congratulations Prof on your anniversary. This is but a blessing. We thank God and pray that he continue to bless and preserve you.
  • Happy Anniversary To You Padre
    More Fruitful Year's In Our Lord Vineyard I Pray.
  • Hearty Congratulations and happy anniversary Fada Prof.may God who has called you to work for Him grant you all the necessary grace to stay and forge ahead. Cheers!!!
  • Rev. & Dear Prof. Oborji,
    It is a cause of great joy to rejoice with you on your 30th priestly anniversary. Prof., you have remained a model and an example for many of us. Your unequaled calmness couched in simplicity, humility, and charity is quite unique and inspiring. As you begin a new phase of your priestly life, may you be sustained and encouraged by the love of God.
  • Congratulations Prof. May God continue to strengthen you. Amen
  • Happy anniversary nnukwu nna
  • Father I salute
    Congratulation my own father
  • Congratulations on your thirty years Anniversary dear Fr, may God's grace continue to sustain you
  • Buongiorno Padre Francis, grazie dei messaggi. Li augurio un bel anniversario di sacerdozio. in communione di preghiera.
  • Happy anniversary Fr.
    Many more fruitfulness and fulfilling years ahead. I wish you the grace faithful perseverance
  • Ad multos annos. You are a priest for ever. Thank you for all your services to the God and the church.
  • Sorry for late wish happy Anniversary
    May God support u in all u doWaaooh!  Congratulations and happy 30th year anniversary of your ordination to the Catholic priesthood. May Jesus the Good Shepherd who called you continue to surprise you with his favours and blessings. Tanti auguri.
  • Congrats dear Fr. I was thinking the whites should have made you a monsignor considering your personality and your shining light among many others.
  • Happy belated anniversary our dear professor.  May our good Lord grant you oh all the Grace's you need in life. United in prayers
  • Hearty congrats dear Prof. and many more fruitful years ahead in the Lord's vineyard.
  • My sincere gratitude and prayers to God for the faithfulness He has walked with you through and through. May God open many more "los senderos..." in this noble service and ministry. I'm proud and elated to be part of these blessings. Congratulations!!! Hongera!!! Felicidades!!!
  • Wow. What a myriad of good wishes and prayers. Thank God I am privileged to share in most of them; Most importantly, sharing in the grace of the priesthood with distinguished personalities like your Excellency, the genius of our class. Keep up the good work you are doing in the Church and for the people of God. Hopefully, our reward is assured in heaven. Permit me to observe that my name happens to be sandwiched in the middle of the list; and virtue, they say, stands in the middle. On a more serious note, we continue to remember our dear brother and colleague, Fr. Gab Anosike, in our prayers. I visited his family this last January and his elder brother, Sir. Mike Anosike, was able to remember & and asked about some of us, the colleagues of Fr. Gab. We spent a lot of time together and he was able to remember the wonderful renditions of Mrs. Onukwuba on that fateful day of our ordination. He was so happy that I visited, and I thanked him for hanging in there and for remembering us. Once again, we thank God for the gift of the priesthood and for keeping us alive today. To Him be the glory forever and ever, Amen.
  • Congratulations our great professor, scholar and researcher.
  • That’s good Padre. Putting everything together as form of appreciation. Congratulations again.
  • Fr Francis, I thank God particularly for His gift of good health He has granted you for the past 30 years as His minister, I wish you many more fruitull years ahead,congratulatations
  • Wow, I missed this! I did not make the connection that you are the same class as Fr. Martin Onukwuba.  That is a powerful class!  You are a gift of God to us and we continue to celebrate your priesthood, your dedication and intellectual gift to us.  Thank you Fr. And Congratulations!
  • This is great! May God keep you and protect you from all evils! Congratulations Fr. Prof.
  • Hearty congratulations with lots of prayers. I bu ukochukwu ebebe oo.
  • Congratulations great pastor, ACADEMIC and apostle on course for church and Igbo society. FADA
  • Congratulations dear father
  • Happy 30th Anniversary Father! May the good Lord continue blessing in your ministry. Wish to thank you for the selfless service you render to us students and to me personally, may the good Lord who has began this good work in you bring it to completion.
  • Dear father I want to tell  you something before leaving our university but I thought you may think that I am telling this to get good mark from you but now I am telling. You are the best teacher I have ever seen in my life as you know I don’t know Italian very well but I can follow your class with out any difficulty.  Thank you so much father. Your are the best teacher more then that you are best human being. Please keep me in your prayer.... You will be in my best days memories till the end thank you again father
  • Good Evening Dear father & prof. Oborji. Hearty Congratulations dear father. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. I give glory to God Almighty for gift of you and your call to the priesthood. Once again congratulations and prayerful wishes dear father. (if you have time I wish to invite you for lunch or dinner out according to your availability). Thank you dear father and professor.
  • Congratulations Prof. Oborji. The beauty of a man is seen in the sense he believes in the potentiality of those entrusted in his care. 30 years where silent years of Jesus. As we celebrate with you, we know the beauty you have created in each one who has met you in these 30 years. I’m proud be to be part of the big team on this journey (“team kubwa” Swahili). Congratulations Prof and keep the hope alive.
  • Rev.and.dear Fr. Francis , with so many others all around the world we send you our special message of affectionate greetings and prayers for your 30th anniversary of Ordination to the holy Priesthood of Christ our Redeemer. and Saviour. Although this message is late, because we did not know until you wrote, we are confident that as there is no time in eternity, the Eternal One will hear us and bless you continually with His abundant graces of Mercy and Wisdom and infinite Love for you and for all who seek your mediation and intercession in His holy Name. You have been called and blessed to be this before His holy throne for His mystical Body of Christ. We count on your priestly bounty to hold us there also. And we implore the Blessed Mother of God to keep you always safe and fervent and. in constant growth in your holy vocation to the Priesthood. God bless you dear Fr. Francis with unceasing abundance of grace ! With our gratitude and affectionate prayers always in Xto. Jesu,

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