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The ‘Mustard Seed’ of the Gospel and the ‘Dot’ on the Map of Nigeria

"They Called Us a 'Dot' on the Map" – Ojukwu: An Antithesis of Buhari's 'Dot'

Nigeria and the Ghost of 30th May Biafra Remembrance Day

Nigeria’s Continued Dangerous Response to Biafra Question (1)

Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts: Implications for Nigeria

Nigeria’s Narrative of Multiculturalism and Diversity as Strength: An Antithesis

The Alleged “Money” for Burial and Marriage Banns in Nigerian Catholic Churches.

Fighting Herdsmen Terrorism is NOT “Stoking Ethnic-Hatred” (Part 2)

Fighting Herdsmen Terrorism is NOT “Stoking Ethnic-Hatred” (Part 1)

Why African Liberation May NOT Be So Easy

January 20, Feast Day of Blessed Iwene Tansi 

Abuse of ‘Spiritual Power’ in African Christianity! A Personal Meditation

‘Igbo-Presidency’ Is NOT the Answer: Matters Arising

Nigeria, Beyond Restructuring and Igbo-Presidency (Part 3)

Nigeria, Beyond Restructuring and Igbo-Presidency (Part 2)

Is Nnamdi Kanu the Problem with Nigeria?

Nigeria, beyond Restructuring and Igbo Presidency (Part 1) 

The Rise and Fall of North African Churches: Lessons for Nigerian Churches

CAMA & the Future of the Church and Nigeria

Beyond Northern Lawyers’ New Bar Association: Matters Arising

Assumption of Mary and Its Relevance Today

Nigeria and Absence of Leadership with “Large Ears”

Nigeria, Beyond the Intrigues of African ‘Nation-State’

Nigeria’s Neo-Feudal Representative Democracy at Crossroads

Nigeria at the Dilemma of Absence of ‘Unity of Spirit’ 

The Danger Of A Priest Without The Heart of Christ (Part 1)

The Danger Of A Priest Without The Heart of Christ (Part 2)

When A ‘Pastor’ Is Not A Priest 

God’s Patience Amidst the Weeds: A Challenge to the Nations

The ‘5percenters’ Got it Right

African Marriage and What Love Is and Is Not

COVID-19: A Call for Responsive Spiritual Leadership 

Solitude not Isolation, the Challenge of COVID-19

When Flutist Admonishes Priests and Nuns 

Nigeria’s Imminent Jihad and the Proposed ‘Free Entry Visa’ Policy

The Treasures of Our ‘Communion with the Dead’ @November 2

The Particularity of the Problem with Nigeria @ 59 

Igbo Claim of Ancestral Link with Israel and Republicanism

Igbo Culture of Dispersal Authority and Challenge of Statehood

Religious Manipulation in Nigeria - Echoes from Achebe and Soyinka 

Nigeria at Crossroads between Democracy and Sharia Ideology

Nigeria, 'Drink from Your Own Wells' - Before Rwanda There Was Biafra

Killer-Herdsmen Symbol on Nigerian Passport - Implications 

The Future of Christianity in Nigeria and Betrayal of Politicians 

Treacherous Christian Politicians and Denial of Persecution of Christians in Nigeria (1) 

Where Are the Churches and Christians of Nigeria?

OIC Islamization Agenda in Nigeria and Buhari’s Inauguration Day “Sharia Law Bag”

The Threat to Shutdown Enugu Airport is Suspicious

Easter at the Time of Tension and Certainty of Triumph

Pope Francis’ South Sudan Gesture Is Prophetic

The Problem Is Beyond Elections Postponement 

No imperfections in humanity of Jesus: an open letter to General Obasanjo

Is It Goodbye Nigeria? – The Onnoghen Saga

Interpretations of Signs of the Times are Not Prophecy

No Religious Agenda in the Struggle of the Pro-Biafra Youths 

Why We Lament, NOT Celebrate Nigeria @58?

Umuahia Sept 14 and the Silence of the Grave  

Election 2019 and Nigeria’s Disturbing Reality

Will 2019 Elections Save Nigeria?

Is it “illegal” to be a Nigerian?

That Pilgrimage of the Western Leaders to Abuja   

When A ‘Prophet’s Miracle’ Is Not of God  

Assumption of Mary: Its Implications for Nigeria in Distress

Complicity of Silence and Aberrations in the Healing Ministry

The Danger of Christianity of Workers of Miracles in Nigeria 

The Church and Politics in Nigeria: A Theological Appraisal

Is The Church Political or Apolitical in Nigeria?

The Vindication of the Moral Authority of the ‘Five-Percenters’

Patrice Lumumba @93: A Model Leader and Martyr Africa Needs Today

The UN Obsession with Nelson Mandela and NOT Winnie?

Merchants In The Temple And The Future of “CAN”

Nigeria and the Tragedy of Absence of a Moral Authority

Is Christianity on Trial in Nigeria?

Blessed Iwene Tansi: The Patron Saint of Nigeria’s Democracy @20

Fundamental Issues before Elections 2019

Hell Is Real: Beyond the Atheistic Fuss

When Nigeria Was Last Respected in Africa: Kudos to Benue State

Has Nigeria Moral Authority To Question Italy’s Corporal Work of Mercy?

Fighting Corruption is NOT the Mission of Christian Religious Leaders

Biafra and the Conscience of the World

The Danger of Power as Invincibility in Nigeria: Lessons from "Things Fall Apart"

Amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 is Not the “Will of God”

The Problem with Nigeria is Ethnic-Hate NOT “Hate-Speech”

Nigeria and the Need for Pluralism of Centers

The Danger of Restructuring

Biafra and Nigeria's Missed Opportunities

A Theological Appraisal of Nnamdi Kanu Phenomenon (2)

A Theological Appraisal of Nnamdi Kanu

Religion Is Not a Civic Knowledge

Blame Not the Youth and Social Media for Nigeria’s Woes

Blood of the Innocent and a Nation in Denial- Drummers of Genocide

At a Time like this – Where are the Prophets

Nigeria and the Missing Cenotaph 50 Years after the Pogrom

Jesus is the Savior and Truth, Not Just a Social Reformer

The Bible and the Danger of Xenophobic Migration Wall (2)

The Bible and the Danger of Xenophobic Migration Walls

Moses’ Leadership Style and Alternative History for Nigeria

Norms for Oath-of-Office in Nigerian Democracy: The Governor against the Bible and His Choice of Fetish Deities

Southern Kaduna Crisis - Between Justice and Military Barracks

Nigeria's Coat of Arms Concepts of Unity and faith - A Blessing or Curse

"Ministry of Religious Affairs" is NOT the Answer: Reply to Owerri Muslim Leader’s Call

Competing Stories of Nigeria and the Style of Jesus: Between Politics and Economy

Modern African Migrations: Anti-Immigration Laws and Walls are NOT the Answer

Religion is NOT the Problem: Revisiting Prof. Soyinka’s Stigmatization of Religion

Cultural Mythologies and Violence: A case for the national concepts of ‘unity and faith’

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